Hosted Backup & Recovery

Safeguard your business today with Net.Tel’s Remote Data Backup solution!

Did you know that 60% of all data back up by tape is not usable?

For your business, data loss is disastrous. Nexus offers Big Business level Data Back-up and Recovery services for your company’s critical applications. Via a single point of connection to your Network, all Applications Servers, PC’s and Notebooks can be scheduled for automatic back-up at convenient and regular intervals.

Industry analysts estimate that a majority of tape back ups fail to properly restore company data. You don’t want to learn that your present solution is not able to protect your critical information when a disaster has occurred.

With our Back-up and data recovery services:

* No need to rely on tape media
* Stores only the changes, not multiple copies of data, reducing total storage volume
* Raid 5+1 storage array…99.99% uptime guarantee
* Only pay for what you use
* Available 7x24x365: no waiting for the courier to retrieve tapes from storage