The growth of company files, e-mail, databases, and application data drives a constant need for more storage. But with storage directly attached to servers, growth means burdensome storage management and decreased asset utilization. Storage resources remain trapped behind individual servers, impeding data availability.

Net.Tel, designs storage solutions that:

  • Centralize storage and reduce administrative overhead
  • Simplify IT operations and reduce total IT expenditures
  • Expand storage capacity, performance, and network bandwidth online without downtime
  • Increase availability and protect critical data sets
  • Consolidate storage assets across multiple OS environments

Expand storage capacity, performance, and network bandwidth without downtime

Bringing additional storage online is truly seamless; additional disk and controller resources are automatically brought online without disrupting applications accessing the storage pool. Performance scales linearly as workloads are automatically load balanced, spreading data across all active disks, arrays, and interface ports.

In addition, built-in thin-provisioning functionality improves flexibility and scalability, reducing administrative costs and making the “pay-as-you-grow” strategy seamless for applications.